Reports from Customers

We live on a ranch in North Dakota which is notorious for bad well water. Ours even has a salty taste. Water softeners don't fix the problem. My mother treated a sample of my water with the BalanXer and she said it fixed the taste. So my husband installed the Water Works on the pipe in the house coming from the well. After draining the pipes to get the untreated water out, we were shocked that instantly it now tasted great! No more salty taste! No filters, no other treatment, and we never touched the water in the well.                 - Rebecca B.

I live in rural Michigan, well known for bad well water, so like everybody else, I have a softener. When I first installed Water Works, I must admit I was skeptical, so I kept using the softener too. I was really impressed when it cut down on the salt usage by almost 50%. So I unplugged it and bypassed it. I have to say after using only Water Works, my water is so good, I don't miss that old softener anymore at all. No salt, no maintenance, and no more expenses...ever. One more thing to say, I don't miss hauling and lifting bags of salt.                    - Michael M.


Years ago, I did a lot of research and purchased a water structuring device that cost $2000 including fittings and what it cost to pay a plumber to install it. I decided to try Water at a fraction of that cost. I installed it myself in about 5 minutes. Fortunately, the plumber installed the other device on a separate pipe with a bypass valve. I can honestly say, I like the Water Works water better. It feels like soft water and feels better than water passing through the other device. What's amazing to me is the difference in cost and the fact the Water Works doesn't touch the water.                                    - Bonnie S.

My new kitten, 4 mos. old, had a sudden onset of some kind of problem that caused her back legs to keep collapsing from under her. I put her in a kennel with a BalanXer under some towels. I went to Saturday Mass and prayed that Jesus would heal my kitty. When I got home from church, she was completely fine!!! Jesus answers our prayers even for our pets.        - Bonnie S.

I thought my water was fine. I use a top of the line water filtration system to get all the junk out. I figured that's all I can do. Then I got Water Works. To tell the truth, I can't say I noticed anything different. What convinced me was my dogs. They have started drinking water like crazy! I can barely keep their bowl filled. They are acting like there is definitely something going on. They are more active and act like they are younger, or something. It's weird. I didn't know changing their water and nothing else, could make such a big difference. - Louise H.

I love my BalanXer and decided to give one to my 92 yr. old neighbor.  Within 10 minutes she looked at me with great amazement and I asked her what happened. She said her entire leg is feeling a warmth she had not ever felt. After about an hour visit she got up from her chair and walked normally to the door. Several weeks later and she is able to go into her garden and enjoy the beauty God has created. Her attitude, and her outlook on life has also greatly improved. She used to be always so down, but now is quite happy and cheerful.    - Katie B.


My son had been experiencing a lot of problems and I had been praying and praying for him. I got my son a BalanXer to wear. And within a minute or two, he said he felt so much better!  So, he then decided to wear the BalanXer in his pants pocket on a regular basis. My older brother got BalanXers for himself and his wife and they are so thankful. They got Water Works Too. I love wearing my BalanXer in my pocket every day.                                                                  - Ruthanna S.


When I first tried BalanXer it was because I was limping when I walked. I now wear BalanXers constantly (in my shoes). I wore them standing on my feet all day today, and I don't limp anymore. Other than having to adjust them a couple times, they keep my feet feeling great!                                                                       - Tammy C.


I can tell you that since having BalanXer I get up and get going in the morning like when I was younger. I really don't know what BalanXer does, or how it does it. I do know from experience that I just feel so much better when I have it on me. I gave one to my mother who is in a rehab center. She now says she feels so good she wouldn't give up her BalanXer for anything.  - Marcie C.