Water Works Installation

Don't worry this is so easy a 10-year-old could do it in 5 minutes. Water Works is ready to install with a simple Velcro attachment. Water Works attaches to any type of water pipe.

Begin by locating the incoming water line to your house, apartment or building. It will be located in the basement, garage or crawl space. 

Look for the shutoff valve where the water comes into the house. You want to attach the Water Works tubes to your pipe after the shut off valve so all your water will be treated.

Peel off the Velcro strip from the Water Works tubes holster. It will fit any size pipe, so you have to cut the length of the Velcro strip to fit your pipe. 

Remove the peel and stick backing, and wrap it around your pipe. Then, press the Water Works tubes holster against the Velcro you just attached to the pipe, so that it wraps around the pipe. The tubes should be evenly spaced.

You're done, and all set to start enjoying: polarized, energized, and balanced water!

                 Water Works

Install on the incoming water pipe to treat all the water coming in. 

Water Works can be horizontal, or vertical. Tubes should be evenly spaced for best results.

Attach the Velcro strap to the pipe (clean the pipe first so the Velcro will stick) and press the holster against the Velcro strip attaching Water Works to the pipe.

              Water Works

If the water pipe is buried in the yard, no problem. Dig a hole to uncover the pipe. Remove enough dirt to expose a foot long section. You can remove the tubes from the holster and use zip ties, if that is easier. Make sure the tubes are evenly spaced.

                     Water Works

If you can't find the pipe, you can tape Water Works tubes in the corners of a box, or plastic tub and anything you put in the tub such as: a case of bottles, or jugs of water, any liquids, food, etc.) will be…polarized, energized, and balanced!




BalanXer can polarize, energize, and balance water as well and is considered the portable companion to Water Works! Lean it against a bottle, or jug of water as in the photo above. Wait one minute and enjoy!


BalanXer is the portable companion to Water Works that you can carry in your pocket. Now you can energize, polarize, and structure water and other beverages on the go when you are away from home and your Water Works water. 

Aquanon Water Filter Installation

Aquanon combines activated coconut shell carbon with patented KDF®55 media to significantly remove contaminants from water. This combination removes smaller particles and more of them than other carbon and membrane filters on the market.

KDF®55 is a breakthrough invention for water treatment. It is a bacteriostatic, redox filter media (electrochemical process converting harmful substances to harmless) that inhibits microorganisms and bacteria in the filter, while also removing chlorine, and reducing heavy metals.