"A reward more valuable than gold is knowing you have helped someone ...live a better life".

Rarely does a person find their purpose or "true calling" in this life. The inventor of BalanXer and Water Works is unique in that he gave up trying to figure out what he wanted to be when he grew up. Out of frustration and disappointment, he cried out to God with a simple request: Touch me, change me, use me, show me how to help people with their health. What happened over the next 30 plus years would make a great science fiction novel, due to the miriad of seemingly "more than coincidental" things that occurred. The most recent of which is the BalanXer and Water Works.

On a scientific level the inventor can explain very complicated processes, so that just about anyone can understand. This time the explanation is not so easy. It requires faith. Not the kind of faith where you can reasonably explain what happened with normal logic, or coincidence. How about the kind of faith that makes you believe the Bible is real because you have experienced some of the things written there? It's hard to talk about because of resisting the pride of considering God must think I'm special. Yet, you know you aren't that smart, so how can this be happening? If you read the Bible you will soon realize that God has used mud to heal a blind man. Why mud? That's just the thing isn't it? The answer is because He is God and He can do whatever He wants. But is God still doing things that seem wild and crazy, you know, like the stories in the Bible? Is God still in the business of miracles? And the bigger question: what moves God to do miracles?

The answer is simple, yet maybe confusing to some as it can be summed up in just one word: FAITH. When we "believe", God moves to show you (and anybody else who may be aware of your situation) that He still does miracles today. Problem is we limit God and therefore our "range of possibilities" for Him to do whatever He wants is also limited.

BalanXer and Water Works may have a scientific explanation. We always try to find a way to explain what we know in our world. What if God answered the prayers of the inventor and decided to honor his request? What if God honors faith even if it has to do with mud, or even a pack of beads? What if the people who say they had prayed and then somehow learned about BalanXer and Water Works actually found an answer? 

What if...?