Water is the source of life for all living things.

Question: Are you drinking, cooking, and bathing  

.... with "dead"water?

  Introducing the revolutionary new water system that                             ..."brings life back to water"!

Water Works structures, polarizes, and energizes ....             ALL the water in your house. 

  • No electricity, no filters, no maintenance ever.
  • Whole house, building, or apartment.
  • Replaces water softeners. 
  • City or well water. Farms too.
  • Permanent. Will last for decades.
  • Attaches in 5 minutes with Velcro strap.
  • Install it and forget it.


The portable, pocket version to take with you to structure, polarize, and energize drinks and other beverages on the go and away from home. It has the same effect as Water Works on liquids. 

  • Structures, Balances, energizes, and polarizes water.
  • Unique, revolutionary technology. 
  • Only product of its kind.
  • Permanent. Will last for decades.
  • Never needs charging. Washable cloth pouch.
  • BalanXer fits in your pocket to take anywhere.

Water is our most precious resource. 

Without it, life could not exist.

 Water is water, is water, right? Did you know that water molecules have a "structure"? Water is not simply a bunch of H20 molecules floating around in a liquid form. They have a tendency to stick together, or "cluster". Natural spring water has a different structure than tap water, which is altered in the bottling process. Filtering doesn't fix the problem. This is because of how tap water is processed and then pumped through long straight, metal pipes that have right angles. This changes the "structure, polarity, and energy" of water. So what, you might say? 

Structure and energy are what gives "life" to water. 

Now the question is: How do you get structured and energized water? Purifying water by distilling, or reverse osmosis, which are considered the most pure, is actually considered "dead water" by bio-chemists. How can you be healthy drinking dead water? Agreed, it's a good idea to filter the water, but don't get carried away and "kill" the water. An inexpensive filter is all you need...if you have Water Works, or BalanXer.

Water Works to the rescue!

Water Works restores the natural structure by "polarizing and energizing" water. Many customers report they can feel the difference. It can easily be attached in 5 minutes by a 10 year old! Water Works tubes come in a convenient holster attaching to the outside of your incoming water pipe with a Velcro strap. (No plumber required.) Now all of your water in the entire house will become "polarized, energized, and structured". Even the dog drinking out of the toilet will be drinking healthier water! What are the benefits? I'm glad you asked.

One of our happy customers in North Dakota had such a bad well that it was undrinkable. It even had a salty taste. Yuck! A water softener couldn't solve the problems. Instantly, after installing Water Works the once nasty water was drinkable and the salty taste…gone forever! Nobody touched the well, or the water! It's the same water, from the same well, no filters, nothing added except Water Works attached to the incoming pipe in the house. Sounds amazing, but true!

Water Works structures water.

Structuring water makes it almost impossible to form scale in your water heater and pipes. Scale acts as an insulator and reduces the heating efficiency as the scale increases…along with increasing your power bill. Imagine water that doesn't easily form scale. How would that decrease your water heater expenses? In many cases, you won't need a water softener, even with hard well water. Old scale buildup will be removed as well.

We have customers who unplugged their softener and stopped hauling bags of salt, after installing Water Works…even in rural Michigan!

Gardeners love Water Works!

Customers report a literal explosion of growth! One customer reported tomato plants grew way beyond what was normal and loaded with tomatoes. Her daughter who got the same plants, planted at the same time, but didn't get Water Works water had much smaller plants and a lot less tomatoes. The flower garden was totally transformed with a similar explosion of growth. Beauty in abundance! Imagine gardening without fertilizers and getting better results! 

  That's how we say "organic"!

*** Note: water with high iron content (rust stains), or sulphur (rotten egg smell), or tested with high levels of certain toxic chemicals, or heavy metals (lead, arsenic, etc.), may require an inexpensive inline aerator and sediment filter, and/or carbon tank. This isn't our "first rodeo", so we are happy to advise, or make recommendations to solve your water problems. Just contact us.

Water Works

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Aquanon Water Filter

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Polarized, Energized... Balanced Water.

When water is exposed to the natural "earth energy" of Water Works, or BalanXer, there is a "polarizing" effect. The chaotic, clustered water molecules suddenly become separated, organized, and energized with new life. The once ordinary water now functions in more natural and more effective ways. It penetrates more easily, therefore is more hydrating.

For example, polarized water doesn't form scale as easily when heated the way untreated water does. Think water heaters being more efficient thereby reducing energy costs. It is estimated that your water heater accounts for about 25% of your monthly energy bill.

Replaces water softeners, eliminates hauling heavy bags of salt. Softeners are expensive to buy, but the expense goes on and on as you have to buy salt. The bags are heavy, you have to haul them home, then lift them up to fill the tank. That's a lot of unnecessary work! All that is gone with Water Works!

People, pets, and plants all love BalanXer water! Animals and plants can't have a "placebo effect". They can't lie about results that you can see. Pets seem to crave the new water and drink more. That's got to be good. Plants seem to thrive and there is a root explosion that means bigger, better plants. Fruits and vegetables taste sweeter indicating higher levels of nutrients.

All of these benefits and it's a one-time, no maintenance, low cost purchase!

Chaos in the Water.

When you think of water it may seem strange to talk about energy and that water could have molecules that were "unorganized" and "chaotic". The reality is that each H2O water molecule has a positive and negative pole since the two H's (hydrogen) have a positive charge and the O (oxygen) has a negative charge. Lacking natural polarity and energy, water molecules can stick to each other, "clustering" like bunches of grapes. This limits water's ability to function at an optimum level. Now with the help of BalanXer...water can be restored.

Hard water scale forms due to "chaos" in the water as well. When water molecules are chaotic, then whatever is dissolved in the water is also subject to this chaos. Minerals will not create hard water problems once the water has been polarized with energy. The water molecules take on a new structure which causes the minerals to repel each other, instead of sticking together. 

Remember the discussion about magnets and how they can repel each other, instead of sticking together? 

It's not magic, it's all based on the natural laws of physics. Even water MUST obey the laws!

Based on Laws of Physics.

If you were to randomly scatter magnets on the floor, their north and south poles would be facing different directions. Put the magnets in a bag and then dump them back on the floor. All the magnets are stuck together in the exact same way: north to south. No exceptions. It's a physical law based on polar energy fields in which opposites attract and likes repel. Even if you tried to put two magnets together north to north, or south to south, you can't get them to touch. Why can't you put the same poles together? You can't see the energy field, it's invisible, but you can see the effects and know it is there. 

We don't have to understand physics to benefit from the laws of physics.

Lemon Juice "pucker" Test.

A quick demonstration that BalanXer has the power to change water is with the lemon juice "pucker" test. Put 1 tsp of lemon juice in 2 Oz of water and stir. Do this with 2 glasses. Place them at least 2 feet apart, so that the BalanXer only affects one glass. Place one glass on a BalanXer Beadz Pac portable unit. Wait 1 minute. Taste the treated lemon juice. Notice the smoothness? The "pucker" is gone! It still tastes like lemon juice, but smoother and without the familiar "pucker". Now taste the untreated lemon juice. There's that "pucker"!

We include 2 packets of True Lemon juice powder with each BalanXer.

You can do the taste test as soon as you receive it in the mail and see for yourself that it is definitely doing something.

Changes happen in seconds.

Water has the capacity to absorb anything it comes in contact with including energy. BalanXer energizes and polarizes water and other liquids very quickly, even faster when water is moving. Any liquid placed on a BalanXer is energized and polarized within a minute, or even less.

Science discovered water has life.

Water containing natural earth energy has qualities that do more than just sustain life, they enhance the quality of life. Water can lose the natural "earth energy" it received from this giant magnet called earth. BalanXer restores natural earth energy and polarity to all your water ...instantly and endlessly! 

Belief doesn't require understanding.

Do you understand why magnets have poles? Or why like poles repel and opposite poles attract? Yet, you believe it's real. You've used magnets. Why stop using them just because you don't understand the physics of magnetic energy? Magnets work whether you understand magnetic energy...or not.  

Don't leave home without it.

Best of all, BalanXer is portable, so you can carry it in your pocket. Now you will be able to energize whatever you want, wherever you go. Be creative! Put it in a hat, in a glove, in a shoe, anywhere you can imagine. You're going to have fun showing your friends what the BalanXer can do!

You can taste the difference.

When treating carbonated drinks, treat BEFORE opening as polarization causes the beverage to release the "fizz" faster. Bitter drinks become smoother. BalanXer can even improve the taste of some cheap wines making them taste more expensive.  

Pets respond too.

Animals can't have a "placebo" effect. BalanXer users report that their pets respond to BalanXer even though the animal knows nothing about it. They seem to relax and feel calmer, less stressed, even happier when a BalanXer is on, or near them.