Aquanon Stuctured Water Filter

Aquanon is quite possibly the most effective water treatment device available anywhere in the world! A bold assertion that we believe is backed up by what's inside.

Aquanon combines activated coconut shell carbon, containing the most micro filtering pores of any carbon, with patented KDF®55 media to significantly remove contaminants from water. This combination removes smaller particles and more of them than other carbon and membrane filters on the market.

KDF®55 is a breakthrough invention for water treatment. It is a bacteriostatic, redox filter media (electrochemical process converting harmful substances to harmless) that inhibits microorganisms and bacteria in the filter, while also removing chlorine, and reducing heavy metals.

Plus, a BalanXer is included inside the canister to structure, polarize, and energize the water after it is filtered, restoring its natural qualities. This alone is a $150 value, making this a remarkable bargain!

  • Clean Water Fast…Straight from the Tap
  • Structures, polarizes, energizes water
  • Better quality than bottled water
  • Preserves minerals, unlike distilled and RO
  • Cheaper than bottled water
  • No more hauling cases of bottled water
  • Simple, quick installation
  • Perfect for homes, apartments, campers, RV's